A Personal Touch – Elevate Retail Events with Hand Personalisation

In the realm of retail events, live events play a crucial role in enhancing customer engagement and satisfaction.

At our events, we focus on streamlined processes that enable stores to provide personalised services efficiently, catering to the diverse needs of shoppers. Whether your brand aims to please a broad audience during event times or create a more immersive experience for individuals, our range of services has you covered.

A lot of our live events focus on quick processes that allow stores to offer personalisation services to as many customers as possible. This works well for brands who want to please as many shoppers as possible during the event times. On the other end of the scale, we also offer services that take time, allowing the customers to fully immerse themselves in the experience whilst either watching their personalisation come to life slowly before them, or getting involved themselves. Some of these include traditional hand monogramming, hand guided embroidered text, and workshop style events. Keep on reading to find out more about each of these offerings.

Traditional Hand Embroidered Monograms

Delve into the rich history of embroidered monograms spanning centuries and cultures with our traditional hand-embroidery services. This timeless technique allows customers to personalise their items using skills passed down through generations. Our skilled hand embroiderers, refined through years of practice, bring a touch of heritage to your events, ensuring a premium experience.

A Personal Touch - Elevate Retail Events with Hand Personalisation London Hand Embroidery

Particularly suited for high-end brands, like the silk scarf event at Liberty’s London, the slower pace of hand monograms allows for extended interaction with each client, delivering exquisite results.


Hand Guided Embroidery

Experience the perfect blend of machine precision and handmade charm with our hand-guided embroidery technique. Ideal for creating handwritten-style text, this method provides the flexibility to trace customers’ notes and words onto fabric.

A Personal Touch - Elevate Retail Events with Hand Personalisation London Hand Embroidery

Our skilled machinists move the fabric under the needle, manually drawing or tracing out designs. While mastering this intricate technique demands patience and practice, the captivating process makes it an excellent addition to events seeking to captivate and entertain their audience.


Workshop Events to Drive Customer Engagement at Retail Events

Take customer engagement to new heights with our workshop events, providing a unique and personal touch to the retail experience. By involving customers in the creation of their customised items, you guarantee a memorable and lasting impression.


A Personal Touch - Elevate Retail Events with Hand Personalisation London Hand Embroidery

Our team of seasoned event professionals is well-versed in curating a spectrum of creative workshops, each designed to captivate and inspire your audience. From live events that showcase the intricate details of our personalised services to spontaneous drop-in sessions that allow customers to experience the magic on the spot, we tailor our approach to fit the unique atmosphere of your retail events. Our engaging demonstrations provide an up-close look at the craftsmanship and artistry behind our services, leaving a lasting impression on attendees.


Visit our sister company’s website, London Embroidery School, to explore the diverse skills we bring to these engaging workshops.


Our services are tailored to elevate your retail events to new heights. Whether you’re seeking to create a buzz with live events, provide spontaneous moments of delight through drop-in sessions, or showcase the artistry behind our services through engaging demonstrations, we have the expertise to make it happen. Choose us to transform each retail experience into a memorable journey, where customers not only find what they’re looking for but also connect with your brand on a personal and meaningful level.

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