Hawthorne & Heaney Visits David Hockney: Drawing From Life

Normandy Portraits, David Hockney, 2021-2022

David Hockney, Drawing From Life David Hockney is regarded as a master draftsman who has prolifically drawn, painted and created throughout his life. Born in 1917 in Bradford, Yorkshire – a city at the heart of the textile industry in the 19th Century.     He favoured drawing throughout his career, using pen and ink, coloured […]

Hawthonre & Heaney Visits The Accidentally Wes Anderson Exhibition

When we think of Wes Anderson, we recall the symmetrical compositions, soft and vibrant colours, and dreamlike architecture from his films. In “Accidentally Wes Anderson: The Exhibition,” the curatorial team showcases over 200 intriguing and beautiful places worldwide through seven themed rooms. Through a unique visual experience, they construct Wes Anderson’s fantastical world as a […]