Hawthorne & Heaney Asks, ‘What does it take to make a house a home?’

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Good design never goes out of fashion, and there’s nothing quite like a piece of quality workmanship crafted by hand. Stylish, expertly worked embroidery goes hand in hand with elegant furniture and amenities to creating a tasteful and stylish space for any home.

Embroidered pieces make a big statement, no matter how large or small they may be. They offer a blank canvas to express a unique individuality, with infinite possibilities for customisation. Trims, tassles, personalisations and intricacies can all be combined by a master crafter to create a richly decorative piece unique to you and only you. It takes a significant amount of skill to create something so seemingly effortless, though with an accomplished team of expert crafters, any household can attain a sophisticated and fashionable look with even just a few choice pieces here and there.

Hawthorne & Heaney Asks, 'What does it take to make a house a home?' London Hand Embroidery

Embroidery is not simply types of stitches and weaves. It’s not so much about dazzling with fancy technique and sparkling tidbits as it is about crafting something soulful, something that implies attention to detail, dexterity and artfulness. It hasn’t been mass-produced, and an embroidered piece isn’t decorating some neighbour’s bedroom, living room, or bathroom. Embroidery offers bespoke creativity, tailored to your tastes and sensibilities, and lets your soul speak through design.

Hawthorne & Heaney Asks, 'What does it take to make a house a home?' London Hand Embroidery

Of course, embroidery can’t work solely by itself, and the best design is that which doesn’t draw attention to itself for the wrong reasons. As they say, all good design is 99% invisible! Choosing simple and elegant furniture is key to bringing out the uplifting design effect of embroidered work. For the kitchen or living areas, choosing smooth and sleek designs with light, plain colours will give embroidered items like decorations, throws, tableware and the like the perfect backdrop to be bold foreground showpieces. In the bedroom, understated elegant bedroom furniture like Bedstar’s range of limelight beds will get the most out of any bespoke embroidered linens, sheets, cushions, or runners. Plain design works best: metal or wood furniture is perfect for complimenting bespoke items, in any room of the house.

Hawthorne & Heaney Asks, 'What does it take to make a house a home?' London Hand Embroidery

It can often seem like a daunting task to attempt to create an uplifting look for the home, and its easy to overdo it. The key step is to relax, and refrain from anything that stands out in the beginning. Sleek understated design is timeless, and will work with just about any other piece to bring out its best qualities.

Written by Olivia Prat. In collaboration with Slap Up Media.

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