Hawthorne & Heaney for Kalms

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Hawthorne and Heaney are very fortunate have a a great variety of work that comes through our door which means that you may have unknowing seen our work. 

Hawthorne & Heaney for Kalms London Hand Embroidery

Earlier this year, we worked on a piece for the advertising campaign for ‘Kalms’. They wanted to create an embroidery of their slogan onto the duvet with the real life packet.

Hawthorne & Heaney for Kalms London Hand Embroidery

The colour of the stitching was very important that it would photograph true against the colours of the packaging so we spent some time testing a few threads before settling on this one as the strongest option. The texture of the stitching was also very important to them as they wanted it to have a very hand embroidered feel, but the stitching is done by machine. Therefore we chose a cotton thread which is also used for hand embroidering and paid special attention to the direction of the stitched to make them look like they flow naturally, like ink from a pen.


We were very please with the end result, and feel that we achieved what we were trying to achieve with this project.  Have you seen it about?

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