Retail Events Are Evolving, Take a New Approach With Bespoke Patches 

Elevate Your Brand With A Live Patch Application Retail Event

Bespoke patches for in store personalisation and retail events are growing in popularity! From designing and making, to on site application and retail store event ideas – we can help. At Hawthorne Heaney Here, we bring over 20 years of embroidery expertise and a decade of retail event planning to create exceptional in-store personalisation experiences.

Bespoke patches for events are rising in popularity, and we can see why! It’s a phenomenal way to provide shoppers with personalised experiences while aligning with your brand’s aesthetics and values. A prime example is The North Face‘s month-long Christmas event, where mailing list subscribers received free, personalised patches which were hand applied before them. The North Face logo on each patch turned every garment into a walking advertisement, a great way to combine customer gifting and brand advertisement.

Retail Events Are Evolving, Take a New Approach With Bespoke Patches  London Hand Embroidery

Retail Events Are Evolving, Take a New Approach With Bespoke Patches  London Hand Embroidery

Our collaboration with The North Face on Regent Street showcased seven different styles of patches, designed and manufactured especially for the exclusive event. The event not only delighted shoppers but also served as a powerful branding opportunity. Customer’s couldn’t get enough of the service, and as they were already purchasing branded garments they couldn’t have been more eager to add more pieces which was seen as a way to express their individuality.

There wasn’t many items we couldn’t work on, with hand application being the main method to attaching the patches, customers were getting anything from puffer jackets to bags and hats personalised!

We also worked with Timberland in 2023, where we hosted an interactive workshop in their Carnaby Street store. This event gave customers the opportunity to learn how to personalise the patches themselves with the help of our expert customer service team. You can read more about the Timberland workshop here.

Retail Events Are Evolving, Take a New Approach With Bespoke Patches  London Hand Embroidery

Elevate Your Event with Hawthorne Heaney Here’s Bespoke Patches

No matter where you are in your patch journey, we’ve got you covered. Hawthorne Heaney Here can design and manufacture patches from start to finish, bringing them to your event for live application on garments and accessories. For those who prefer to design and create their own, brands like ‘Pleasing,’ Harry Styles’ fashion brand supplied their own patches for us to attach during the event. This combined with personalised names and song lyrics was an absolute hit with customers who couldn’t get enough of the bespoke offering!

Patch Application Methods

There’s a few options for patch application depending on your garment and brand which we can help advise on if you need. Options include hand application, machine application and heat pressing. Each with their own benefits and unique finishes, if you’d like advising on the best application for your brand/garments we are more than happy to help!

DKNY in Bicester village chose hand application as this aligned with their high end brand values. These classic varsity patches were added to lined bomber jackets. To achieve a high end finish, we also opened and closed the linings so that the stitches couldn’t be seen from the inside.

Incorporate bespoke patches into your retail marketing strategy to enhance customer engagement, drive brand visibility and encourage retail customer loyalty. Contact Hawthorne Heaney Here to elevate your retail events and promotions with personalized patch experiences.


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