Hawthorne & Heaney Events presents… ‘Heads Up’ at Liberty London

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Internationally converted department store, Liberty London has just run a hat and headwear promotion called ‘Heads Up’, for which Hawthorne & Heaney provided monogramming services on its first day. Featured in ES magazine as shown below, the promotion features lots of big names in Headwear such as Eugenia Kim, Jennifer Behr and Awon Golding. This […]

Internships with Hawthorne & Heaney

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We at Hawthorne and Heaney feel quite strongly about the importance of embroidery education and passing on theses skills that would otherwise die out quite rapidly in the digital age we now live in. The days of sitting down to do something with your hands are becoming rarer and rarer and although we relish in […]


London Embroidery School is an embroidery School in Islington running as part of  Hawthorne & Heaney.  They run embroidery  classes monthly in various techniques and sell specialist materials and equipment online.  They believe in the art of hand embroidery and believe that these skills and equipment to anyone who has the will and the patience […]


This season the studio has been busy with a particularly interesting client with an exciting brief. We had to keep the project confidential during production but are now very excited to be able to share some photographs of the outcome. We were approached by Louise Goldin’s team on behalf of Kanye West, and asked to […]